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Dr Marty's Holistic Pet Show and Marketplace has been designed as a solution based event and exhibition. Even with all the information available today on various diseases and symptoms relating to animals, the pet owner has no roadmap or idea of what to do when a problem arises with their canine or feline family member.

When a medical problem takes place the visit to the veterinarian occurs where the emphasis is on testing and expensive procedures. No definitive answers are given and the pet owner is faced with a choice of usually one bad option or another. But the truth is, there is another way to help the animal regain their healthy ways. For over 40 years Dr. Marty has been practicing an integrative approach to pet care which not only emphasizes wellness strategies but provides the public with a comprehensive protocol to heal the patient. His reputation has soared with his success in treating cancer and other crippling diseases in cats and dogs. With numerous appearances on many television and radio shows, the message has reached many looking for new and successful answers.

Fairplex Location


1101 W. McKinley Avenue
Pomona, CA 91768


Exhibitor Profile

No longer a "cottage industry" under the umbrella Pet Products, the holistic brand carries respect and opportunity in the growing corporate world of canine and feline products. The growth of the all natural label has been astounding over the last twenty years.

It's only logical that this important segment of the pet industry have its own event to present the latest and most effective products to the public and professional audience. The goal is to have those companies that market and distribute quality natural and holistic products participate in an event that highlights the positive and preventative advantages associated with their products.

Seminar Topics

Vaccination controversy

 1) Dangers of compulsory vaccs
 2) Duration of protection  how often are they truly needed
 3) Why is there no dose to weight relationship
 4) Testing vacc immunity
 5) Proper scheduling
 1) An overview of the pet food industry
 2) What should and dog and cat truly be eating
 3) Supplementation—is it needed, what a true supplement is, recommendations
 1) What cancer is—an overview and basic understanding
2) How to properly address looking at both worlds of conventional and alternative treatments
 3) Supplements that help fight cancer and support the immune system

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