Media & Marketing Plan

Traditional Media Marketing

Although technology has made a big impact on promoting events, print, radio and television still reach large numbers of consumers. Dr. Marty's Holistic Pet Expo will utilize all traditional strategies as well as taking advantage of all social media opportunities.

The result will be a branded and well advertised event in a well known and easily accessible public venue.


Social Media

The key advertising component for the event will be the campaign built around the use of social media.  Relying on the expertise of consulting professionals, Smithridge Productions will be gathering the latest and freshest data sourced from millions of shopping devices integrated thru consumer generated content to yield the precise audience for the Show.

These active shoppers who are currently in the market for holistic products will then be persuaded with proven strategies across display, video and native formats to attend the event.

What this all means is a quantity and quality of aggressive shoppers who already have the pre disposition and ability to learn and seek out your product.

Look at me little one. Woman and her dog at her home office hugging

Pixel Tracking

Making use of today's advanced marketing strategies will be a priority in promoting Dr. Marty's Holistic Pet Expo.
Pixel Tracking implementation will allow a penetration to the most targeted audience not only geographically,
but by identifying those pet owners who are already online searching for holistic products. Thus, every visitor is pre-qualified as a specific prospect for innovative and alternative foods, supplements, and services.